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Discover, Define & Design phase – Responsive web

01. The Brief

To improve the conversion rates for various products they offered and help them improve the overall user experience design of their website. 

The website, as it stood, was resulting in a lot fewer conversions and it wasn’t funnelling the audiences to their relevant interests. There were at least four types of visitors landing on various landing pages on the website but their exit points were always random and the intent of the visit wasn’t clear enough.

Our challenge was to come up with a much more improved discovery mechanism for the information on the website and design the UX such that their wide spectrum of audience could equally find it easier to navigate and understand their offerings, hence increasing the conversions.

02. What we did

As UX designers and user researchers, we were responsible for understanding and documenting user journeys, analysing the data obtained from the current user interactions, improving their information architecture for the navigation as well as for the landing pages. 

We proposed and worked against the following methodology:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User interviews
  • Identify personas
  • Red Route Analysis
  • Information Architecture for website navigation
  • Identify and wireframe important landing pages
  • UI design their home page
  • Analyse their current Google Analytics data
  • Propose Goal funnels to monitor post implementation
  • Work closely with their development team

03. How we did it

We started with stakeholder interviews followed by the drawing of the Vision Board for the organisation. Once that was in place, we moved on to interviewing their users and clients which resulted in us constructing four significant personas. We then moved on to the Red Route Analysis and constructed their information architecture in three stages. We then wire-framed the important landing pages and designed their home screen. Towards the end of this project, we tested the outcomes with a few users (some of them were previously interviewed) and we also did a handover session with their development team. 

Click here to download the entire case study (23 pages).

Client: SCM World (now Gartner)
Website: scmworld.com
Services: Creative, Ideation, Design, Development