Navigation App for Android

01. The Brief

The Indian navigation app designed to replace the man on the street.

Directions around cities in India for decades have been culturally rooted in the knowledge of the city itself, dispensed to others via directions in relation to certain landmarks in or around your final destination. This is significantly different to the western world, where navigational applications take centre stage and every destination has a unique post code attached to it.

This poses a fascinating problem when solutions designed in the west (such as Uber) are adopted in India, where new cab drivers at the bottom of the pyramid are unfamiliar with the city, and even more so with the mapping solutions that are inherent in the applications – and this is where Wonobo intends to step in.

02. What we did

Using our expertise in user experience in conjunction with knowledge of the Indian market, the goal here was to design an experience and interface that could be digested by users at the bottom of the pyramid, whilst being intrinsically Indian in the approach.

This made us focusses more on directions around landmarks rather than post codes and street names, thereby essentially replacing the man on the street.

03. Where we left off

The UX and UI designs were delivered February 2016, after which the product went into production through Wonobo’s in-house development team. Having the competitive advantage of being the sole provider of street view in India – which even Google wasn’t able to capture – Wonobo intends to release its app to its existing user base by mid 2018.

Client: Heart of the Arctic
Services: Creative, Ideation, Design, Development